Question and Answer

Q: Is a deposit required?

 A: Yes there is a refundable security/damage deposit equal to one months rent. Only a $500 damage deposit is required if you pay for the whole semester or year up front.

Q: May I live in the same unit with a person of the opposite sex?

 A: If you need us to assign you a roommate, we will only match you with a person of the same gender. If you have your own roommate, we will allow coed rooms.

Q: May I select the actual unit I will live in?

A: We are unable to guarantee any specific unit or floor due to a mix of floor-plans. However you do have to decide if you would like a shared double unit or a private unit. Also if you would like to have a private bathroom or shared bathroom.

Q: May I have visitors?

A : yes, but they may not stay overnight unless approved by management and at a pre agreed upon fee.

Q: May I smoke or drink alcohol in my room even if I’m over 21?

A: Smoking is permitted strictly outside of building. Drinking is  only allowed within your room and with discretion and regard for other residents.
                   ***Violation of this policy may jeopardize your residency status with us. ***

Q: May I add my own furniture to the unit?

A: You are not allowed to remove any furniture and or items currently in your room, However, you may supplement the existing with your own new furniture only with written approval by management. If you are in a shared room you need to get permission from your roommate as well.


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